Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How Vendors Can Increase Sales and Profits By Offering Leasing To Their Customers

Leasing Overcomes The Cost Objection
By quoting a lease option with every sale, you enable your customer to focus on a manageable monthly payment instead of one large total payment. Most businesses operate within tight budget constraints and, by quoting low monthly payments early in the sale, the cost of the equipment is provided in the least expensive terms which will help ease your customers' cost concerns. The customer will see the time and cost savings generated by the new equipment which in most cases will far exceed the low monthly lease payments.

Leasing Sales Are Bigger Sales
By offering leasing, you can increase the customer's purchasing power. Since the incremental monthly lease cost of a larger unit or additional features is so small customers are more inclined to increase the size of their purchase.

Leasing Gives You The Competitive Edge
You undoubtedly sell the features and price performance benefits of your equipment to give you a competitive edge with your customers. You can sharpen this edge by offering the option of a low monthly lease payment with each sales presentation. Besides just low monthly payments, you can offer such benefits as seasonal or deferred payment structures.

Leasing Means More Repeat Sales
Cash purchase customers are generally customers who expect to squeeze every ounce of life out of their equipment before they buy again; with sales quotas increasing every year, this just "raises the bar" even higher for you. Leasing customers are used to making monthly payments and will appreciate the ease with which new equipment add-ons or upgrades can be accommodated. Leasing supports the long-term relationship with the customer, giving you more and easier opportunities to sell equipment to existing customers.

Leasing Helps Close More Sales
Offering a choice is a proven technique for helping a customer make a buy decision. Identifying and discussing alternatives helps the customer make a decision and helps uncover hidden questions or concerns. When trying to determine a customer's budget, start with a 36-month term lease. If the customer hesitates, move to a longer term. Leasing's flexibility gives you more opportunities to close the sale with plans designed to fit the customer's needs.

Leasing Preserves Margins
Margins can be preserved and competitive pricing minimized when the cost of your equipment is expressed in terms of a monthly lease payment while allowing the customer to focus on the superior capabilities, performance and cost benefits of equipment.

Leasing Makes It Convenient
Leasing makes it easier and more convenient for customers to acquire equipment. Sales are not delayed while a customer is seeking financing. A customer is provided and expects a single source to solve their total equipment financing needs.

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